Becoming a Personal Trainer in Canada

Become a certified personal trainer

Whether you are a student in school, a guy on wall street, or a mother of three, if you have a love for fitness, you may want to consider a career in personal training. If you have always been complimented on your physic or asked about your workout routine, then you may want to consider training others. In addition to making a sufficient amount of money, you can help others achieve their health goals while maintaining your own. If you are contemplating becoming a personal trainer in Canada, you may want to consider becoming certified in the craft.

Is Certification a Requirement for Personal Trainers?

Personal training is mostly unregulated in Canada, which means that anyone can technically refer to themselves as a personal trainer. While there are benefits to the industry being unregulated, such as its easy access, it can also become an issue. Although Canada does not require personal trainers to be certified, if you want to show your commitment to clients, a certification can go a long way. Certification in personal training can also give you a competitive edge over other trainers. Although certification for personal training won’t guarantee that you will know everything regarding health and nutrition, you will gain a better understanding of how to deliver results to your clients. Although some countries require personal training certification, Canada does not. There is a multitude of successful personal trainers that are not certified in the craft. While certification is not mandatory, there are a variety of advantages you can reap when certified.

Benefits of Becoming Certified

If you are considering this profession, you may be interested in obtaining personal training certification Canada. While personal trainers in Canada are unregulated and are not required to be certified, there are a variety of advantages; including access to experts, a competitive edge, and displaying your legitimacy to customers. Whether you are looking for a six to an eight-week training course or a simple test to take for your certification, there are a variety of locations that can assist you. This includes the American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Additionally, there is a multitude of other companies that provide certification to personal trainers. Personal training certification courses typically range from $349 to $6000. While certification can cost a pretty penny depending on the company, there are a few feasible options for Canadian personal trainers.

Other Resources for Personal Trainers

Obtaining a certification can give you an advantage over your competitors, but the profession still requires trainers to work extremely hard to master the craft. As an unregulated career, it is important to remember that anyone can become a personal trainer. Therefore, the profession requires a significant amount of passion for achieving success. In addition to strengthening and conditioning your body to perfection, you can also look to other resources to help you with other aspects of the profession. For example, consider reading books on the topic, attending workshops and conferences, and interning. These resourceful methods will provide you with a wealth of knowledge for you to share with your clients.

If you are considering becoming a certified personal trainer in Canada, there are a variety of training and prep courses at your disposal. While certification is not a requirement for individuals interested in becoming personal trainers in Canada as it is unregulated, it can be a good indicator of your commitment to your craft. Additionally, there are a variety of resources that you can look to broaden your expertise; including finding a mentor to shadow. These resources can provide you with valuable knowledge and techniques to share with your customers, and ultimately give you an advantage over your competitors.